Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rim Jhim Gire Sawan - Manzil

Rim jhim gire sawan from the movie Manzil is one of all time fav songs of Kishore da…. :) This is the first time i m attempting kishore da's song. I m sorry if the song hasn’t come out well… Do gimme ur suggestions, i wil definitely take them and work on it!


Santosh Hariharan

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Dj said...

hey nice job.... ur voice has a good feel fer hindi songs....

aishwarya said...

super song and well sung!!!! day by day ur voice matures... keep it up!!!!!! :)


Chew said...

I totally agree with Dj's comments. good feel for hindi songs. soulful song and nice rendition. One of ur very good genres. :) keep it going

sharanya said...

BEAUTIFUL song!!!! =)
As i dun understand hindi i wanna know sumthing.. is this a sad or haappiiee song?! If its a haappiiee one, i felt yu're feel wasn't apt..
Voice-Super Cool
As others have said, yu're gettin better n better day by day!!
GoodLuck!! =)

sharanya said...

Looks like its a SAD song!! Its ALMOST perfect!!!! =) =)

sowkya said...

u have improved so much.... at any part even for a sec it didnt feel like a tamil boy is singing tis song.. it was perfect... super da.. ;)

Santosh Hariharan said...

@DJ: Thanks machi! :)

@Aishu: Thanks a lot d! :)

@Chew: Thanks buddy! :)

@Sharanya: Hehe! :) GOod One d! :) Thanks a lot! :)

@Sowky: Thanks a lot d! :)

Rosh said...


Was browsing.. Happened to chance upon your blog..
This is one of my favourite songs.. It has a lovely feel - that of taking a long walk in the rain with a loved one.. The good part is that you've captured the feel in a beautiful way.. I only feel one slight difference - a smoothness in your voice, which is not the case with Kishore Da's voice.. So, having got used to that texture in his voice, was missing it in your version.. But, you've done a great job.. It's like a younger version of Rim Jim Gire Saawan.. :-)
& I liked this one too.. Keep it up!!!!!!

Santosh Hariharan said...

@Rosh: Thanks buddy! :)