Sunday, September 25, 2011



First of all, a big thanks to each and everybody for the overwhelming support and love u have been giving me! U guys made it all happen! :) Made my dreamz come true! :) I dedicate everything to all the ppl who voted for me.. Am sure i will keep entertaining all u guys until my last breath! :) I frankly never expected that I would b the 1st runner up.. As a singer I know I have a long way to go, all I can say is this love and support is actually making me feel more responsible and I will def work much much harder for betterment! Becoming a better singer has always been my motive & I will keep working for it.. :)

“SPL THANKS” to my co-contestants who have been my pillar of support when I was low in confidence and they have all been there for me whenever I needed them.. :) Found some gr8 friends like Deepak, soundarya, jithin, shakthi & srini.. I wish them to be with me all thru my life.. :)


And “THE WINNER IS – SAI SHARAN”, truly deserving.. :) Sai Sharan is an example of sheer passion and hardwork.. Thats something I learnt from him, he never gave up until his last performance, his “Mazhai Thuli” was just out of the world, am glad that he won.. :)


Felt really really sad for pooja & sathyaprakash.. :( One thing I m very confident about is “TRUE TALENTS R ALWAYS NOTICED” & m sure the right opportunity will knock their doors pretty soon! :) Already actor dhanush has announced saying “He was impressed with Sathyaprakash’s singing and he is gonna make him sing in his next movie”. :) So happy for both my buddies sathya and sai! :)


“POOJA” has been a v good friend of mine, her voice is something everybody loves.. :) She is a natural singer with a gifted voice and above all her feel is amazing! :) VERY straightforward and a lovely person to be with, m sure she is gonna get loads of work and in another 2 years she will be one of the leading female singers of southindia! :) :) Wishing her all the best and a very successful musical carrier ahead! :)


The journey this time has been the best and biggest for me! I totally had no clue how it is gonna be when I planned to be back in SUPER SINGER 3.. All I dreamt about was to be one among the “FINALISTS” and become a better singer/performer! I looked at this show as a platform to showcase my talent, experiment and above all learn new stuff! The competition wasn’t a cake walk this time, the competition was at its peak and I baffled after a point.. Like everybody else I had ups and downs in the show but the most memorable day of my life was when srini sir heard me sing again after 1 n half years nd gave me a comment saying “Enna Santosh Bayanagara PROFESSIONAL-a paadareenga, am so happy to see u sing like this”.. :) That comment will always be memorable and will always be cherished, that comment meant a lot to me as I was waiting to get such a compliment from him! :) All Thanks to “Srini Sir” for being so inspiring and motivating, if he hadn’t motivated me in the last season I wouldn’t have become what I m now.. :)

“WILDCARD” was a milestone, I think I gave my best in the wildcard… All the 8 of us sang our heart out and it was such a tight competition, I never expected such support from the ppl, but the love and support u guys gave me boost my confidence so much and i was extremely happy to know that I got the second highest votes.. Thank u all!! :)

“GRAND FINALE” was an experience, I tried my best to give my 100% but could give only 75% of what I am capable of due to various reasons like no sleep, no rest! I am not giving it as an excuse both my songs were v high pitched and it was a must for me to get proper rest which I couldn’t get, I don blame anybody but my misfortune! :(


“THE CRITICS” have played a vital role in the growth of each one of us.. CRITICISM when it is constructive can be taken there have been many ppl who wrote to us for our improvement and I genuinely from the bottom of my heart thank them all.. But there have been times when critics used to write filthy, cheap stuffs about everybody. Critics can write stuff on the internet sitting at home but we know the path we travelled, the sacrifices each one of us made. I m sure it will pay off well! :)


All said and done the show is over, I will terribly be missing performing for all u guys, especially the judges and the set! THANKS TO ALL THE OTHER JUDGES & THE GUESTS WHO CAME AND MOTIVATED ALL OF US!!! Spl thanks to the cast and crew of the show, they r the hero’s and heroines of the show, they r the ones made us what we r today.. :)

A BIG BIG THANKS to FACEBOOK & TWITTER, both FB & twitter has played a vital role in this journey of Super Singer, got excellent feedback, compliments, suggestions & yeah not to forget criticisms, jokes apart, both fb & twitter has helped me to stay in touch with my well wishers worldwide & I hope to b in touch will all u guys in the future as well, will keep u guys updated with whatever that's happening around me.. :) THANKS to all my well wishers, friends and not to forget my family, they hav been the pillar of support, I dedicate it all to u guys.. I promise to work hard and will keep striving for excellence!! Thanks everybody!!! :)

Plz don’t forget us, Love u all!! :) :)


Santosh Hariharan