Friday, June 5, 2009

A Happy Ending! :)

The Finale:

The finale was a gr8 experience.. :) Wooow! I have never been so excited... :) All the 6 performances in the finale were mindblowing... Ravi's Kallai Mattum Kandal and Kanmunney,Renu's Nenjodu Kalandhidu and Hai rama, Ajesh's Ninaithu ninaithu and Sangeetha jaadhi mullai were all above awesome.. :) These guys proved that all three of them deserve to b in the finals.. But i really Missed "Ranajni".. I felt if she had been in the finals ,it would've been a very tight competition... :( Anyways she is also gonna come in the playback industry soon... :)


Now the time for announcing the results came... DD and yugi started building up the tension.. Countdown started,AN THE WINNER IS..................... "AJESH"... :) Yupieeee... :) Me and vijay were literally screaming and v rushed to the stage and lifted Ajesh.. :) And i saw Ajesh's mom ,she was in tears,I felt how proud she is of Ajesh.. :) Kudos to Ajesh and Aunty.. :) He is really lucky to have got her as his mom... :) Tat was a deserving win,isn't it?? :) On behalf of Ajesh i would like to thank each and everyone who voted for him.. :) I m very damn sure tat Ajesh is gonna come wild in the playback industry.. M jus waiting to hear his debut album.. :)I m sure he wil come out with flying colors... :)

Ravi and Renu:

We should never forget the other two finalist who gave a very tight competition... Ravi and Renu.. :) Both are unique and they definitely have proved themselves that they are also super singers.. :) Ravi is the "MOST CONSISTENT" performer of the lot and renu has the "BEST FEMALE VOICE"... They both sound gr8 in their own styles.. I wish both of them from the bottom of my heart a very successful and peaceful life ahead and i m sure u guys r gonna b playback singers soon.. :)

The Judges:

Srini sir,sujatha maam and unni sir... :) A very big thanks to all the three.. A thanks is not enough at all for wat they have done to us(The contestants).These three ppl have moulded us so well and i bet tat these three are the most sweetest judges tat anyone could ever find... I have seen many other reality shows in which the judges r too harsh.. But i have never seen all the three judges being harsh.. They pinpoint the mistakes in the right way and m sure everyone wil agree with it.. Srini sir and suja maam have encouraged me so much and tats the only reason for my improvement... I wil definitely make them feel proud of me one day.. :)

The Crew:

Thanks to each and every member of the crew right from the prouducers,anchors,directors,cameramen,proudction dept,art dept and everyone who has a toiled so har in making the show a grand success.. :)

The Audience:

The audiences were very sweet to us,wherever we go ppl come and speak to us,we get good feedback about the show and our performances.. The ppl of tamilnadu have actively participated in the show... Thanks for voting without any hesitation... :) :) We had gr8 fun reading all ur posts in forums like Super Singer forums,techsatish etc.. :) Though some ppl post useless stuffs,we got some very good feedback from ppl which really helped us to improve... And satisfying ppl feels gr8,and thats the duty of every artist.. :) A heartfelt thanks to all the audiences... Keep watching the Juniors version and i m sure its gonna be BIGGER and BETTER.. :)

The Channel:

I from the bottom of my heart thank the channel for giving me a very good recognition and the exposure i got from the show was gr8 i would cherish each and every moment.. :) And i m proud to say tat Super Singer was the highest viewed show in Tamilnadu.. :) I m pretty sure tat no other show can give such good recognition like Star Vijay.. A heartfelt thanks to all.. :)

I m definitely gonna miss everyone especially my friends,rehearsals and all the fun... :(


Chriz said...


second time in a row a malayalee is winning supersinger...

there is a great tamil-mal relationship going here..

good to see

ajesh deserves it..

terror trio vaalga

Abi said...

Hey santhosh!!

To start with you write soo good! Keep the good job going! :)
Airtel Super Singer '08!! The best of the diff versions 'cos it was blessed with the best of participants and the best of judges, like you said! Kudos to Ajesh for winning, my prayers to terror-trio for i've even envied about you guys, the amount of support you n vijay rendered to Ajesh can never be forgotten, and hearty wishes to the BEST MOM! :)

Anth-thak said...

of course ajesh was at his best. he sang very well. till the last minute i thought ravi will make it since his improvisations was just great. he didnt even falter on it. ajesh's ease at ninaithu ninaithu was excellent. except for his crooning neck at high pitches which i am sure his stamina later will take care of, he was really really good at the song.

i wish you, santhosh, a great future too. you have all the talent. just those perfections that you need to concentrate on. congrats once again to have made it to the last level.

Santosh Hariharan said...

@Chriz,abi and suchin: Thanks a lot yaar... :)

Sweth~ said...

hey santoo..

it's saddening even for us- the audience to know that ASS08, our favorite show has come to an end. We will definetly miss all you guys.. the music that you guys gave us every monday to wednesday will be sorely missed.
and the finals was surely very exciting. Wishes to Ajesh and a heart felt congrats to both Ravi and Renu.
I also congratulate Ragini, Vijay and you for being so sportive and encouraging your co-contestants. You three have a great future ahead. all the best guys!!!:D

" ASS08 ROCKS!!!"

dj_prashu said...

good post :) .... what do i say?
get going man!!!
there is a song called "Take It Easy" by The Eagles..
There is a line which says

"We may lose , We may win but We ll never be here again" ...

that line says it all :)

januM said...

we definitely were sad that the award dint goto RAVI, the much deserved among the 3.
overall it was fun waitin for monday night n watchin the show so far. We would definitely miss it!


Hey santosh:)

awesome write up i must say... n Ajesh is ma favvvvvv singer n i dont knw how to express ma happiness towards his success in ASS'08... it was so exciting n the most astonishing moment to c him winnin the renowned title as wel a proud chance to sing in Yuvan's music... i've nvr seen Yuvan smilin or cheerin so much for anyone lik DD said... bt he did it al for Ajesh.. sure he's deservin..
Ravi is ma nxt favvvv... wat can i say, they've won in the order i lik:) Ravi sure was consitent n a vry deserving singer agn... he wasnt quite popular wen compared to Ajesh coz of his nature as he presented himself to be vry reserved... Ajesh was naughty n simply an extrovert tat no one can ever stop likin him or the way he's... nt blamin Ravi actually bt if he was more outspoken cud've helped him in winnin more hearts:)
Nt to forget Renu.. i luv both Renu n Ranjani... Ranjani sure wud've been a btr competition for her mindblowin confidence on stage... N Santosh u too rocked man.. thou u got eliminated , u wre always der on the show... nvr felt lik we missed u on the show... am sure u've a gr8 career ahead in singing... n u'll shine too lik the others... al the vry best to al of u... it includes evn Vijay (adams) n ragini... :) gud luck guys... N Ajesh's mom, the proud lady of tat eve... both of them r so vry lucky to've each other... 3 cheers to dem.. Hip Hip Hurray:)))

Santosh said...

@Awesome doodle:

Thanks a lot yaar.. :) M eagerly waiting for his debut song... :)

Santosh said...

@JanuM: Hey don worry yaar.. His talent is definitely identified by a lot of musicians.. :) So he wil soon sing for someone.. :) Ultimately all fans their favs to sing in movies rite.. Tat wil definitely happen.. :) Cheer up buddy.. :)

hahe said...

but i miss santosh magadavan.............tambe send me your pics pa....

தங்க முகுந்தன் said...

Dear Santhosh!
I need Ajesh contact No or his email address. If you can please send to me. Thanks a lot!

Yours truly,
Thanga. Mukunthan

Santosh Hariharan said...

@Thanga Murugan: Here is his email id,!